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What to do in Sept-Îles?

Tourist activities for everyone

Situated on the Côte-Nord, Sept-Îles and its region abound with activities for travellers. From whale watching to hiking and strolls on the beach, the seven islands of the archipelago offer many mysteries to uncover. Discover our team's recommendations to find out what to do in Sept-Îles. 

Whale Watching

The beauty of nature

Sept-Îles is an exceptional place for a particular reason: whales roam its shores. Whether from the beach or on a boat, observing these marine mammals is a must-do activity in Sept-Îles that leaves unforgettable memories. 

Experiencing the Winter on the Côte-Nord

Skiing, snowmobiling, festivals, and hot chocolates

During winter, there's no question about what to do in Sept-Îles, with the myriad of activities available to travellers. Covered in snow as far as the eye can see for several months, the region is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts before dancing at the winter festival or warming up with a good hot chocolate.

Exploring Hiking Trails

Between the sea and mountains, Sept-Îles is perfect for exploring the Côte-Nord. For an easy stroll, Parc Aylmer-Whittom and the nature trail provide opportunities to enjoy nature and its wildlife in a relaxed manner. More adventurous individuals can head towards the Anticosti National Park, a Unesco treasure. 

Visiting the Archipelago

Exploring the seven islands

The name "Sept-Îles" originates from the eponymous archipelago, formed approximately 565 million years ago. These islands constitute a blend of diverse ecological environments and are distinguished by their pronounced relief, offering exceptionally high-quality marine landscapes. Serving as privileged witnesses to the regional history, they have been the site of exploration for Jacques Cartier, fur traders, the Innu people, and merchants. 

Enjoying the Beach

The sea in every season

What to do in Sept-Îles? Go to the beach, of course. The beaches stretch for miles and are accessible all year round. Ideal for a stroll on foot, it's also possible to ride along the coastline on a bicycle for a truly blissful time by the sea.